Vanlife and camping is currently a strong trend. Order Number 216 003 446 001 (Standard on Club Joker). Volkswagen T3 Westfalia Joker. The splash plate folds down and can be used to drain dishes after washing. Floor area has a plywood sheet with PVC covering. Storage unit along the side with 3 stowage areas. google_ad_width = 336; Cab area door trim in grey. document.write ("'><\/scr"+"ipt>"); Pre-Owned. Because such an old bus is naturally conspicuous and often interested people ask for our Bulli or just want to look. [CDATA[ google_ad_height = 250; document.write (document.charset ? Nähere Informationen sind in der Datenschutzerklärung zu finden. All furniture is five sheet laminated and 15mm thick plywood with a light grey PVC coating and dark grey PVC edging. Dashboard had a speedometer with resettable mileage trip and analogue clock (Club Joker had digital clock and also rev counter). google_ad_slot = "1122842153"; Superbe t3 westfalia california 175000 km parfait état de fonctionnement contrôle technique juillet 2020 valable jusqu'en juin. Order Number 216 053 203 030. Order Number 216 003 280 025. Order Number 216 014 345 002. The two-burner gas stove allows me to cook more elaborate dishes, even though I am always a bit lazy on vacation.The still original absorber refrigerator can be operated with 12 volts (while driving), shore power (i.e. Cost 137.15 DM, 11) Volkswagen Westfalia Joker Side Stripes and Logos. Joker had round single headlights as standard (Club Joker had square headlight grill with double headlights). Such an old Bulli has (almost) everything you need for the camper life. viens d’être testé ce jour en 220v fonctionne parfaitement fait du froid... laissé pour 200 €. € 22.000,00 18 nov.. '20. I have found some information on various forums and also from an internal Westfalia staff newsletter that is available to … The retracted battery-operated LED light strip provides illumination in the evening darkness. 2) Cupboard unit with integrated freshwater tank. They are made from water proof vinyl and can be applied to all colours of van. document.write (" Just click on the respective picture below. Universal storage / seat box for behind passenger seat. Cost 402.09 DM, Ski Holder. And even if the traffic jam is mostly behind us, there is almost nothing better than to let the landscape pass by while the 50 HP engine in the rear is tugging along. 7 Watching. We can store such a topper in the elevating roof to save space while driving and at night it simply provides more comfort. Order Number 216 081 820 001 (Standard on Club Joker). These are for LHD vehicles. VW Westfalia Joker 3 High top Roof Version: with large plastic double glazed panorama window at the front. So we are a little bit more self-sufficient and the new fridge cools more reliable. 5 1/2 J x 14 Wheels.     All rights reserved. google_ad_width = 300; Having the same layout as the Westfalia Joker 1 but with a hightop. Because you can do many things yourself, because the technology is not so complicated. Order Number 216 035 227 001. The same socket can be used to charge our battery-operated beamer*, which in combination with the homemade screen made from a tablecloth can even provide a little cinema feeling in the van in the evening. To get notifications when this website is updated subscribe to my VW Camper Blog or Follow Us on Facebook. 170000 km. Order Number 216 010 145 033. Double bed when rock n roll bed folded down including cushion over engine bay (188 cm x 120 cm). Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Joker logos and stripes on the outside of the vehicle. Please note that some of the links take you to an external site called which is an excellent source of sales literature for all versions of VW camper van. 0.50 € x km supplementaire Order Number 216 039 113 020. In this way, we have already received great tips for beautiful spots and destinations. 5) Volkswagen Westfalia Joker Roof Specification. Prices are in German Deutschmark: Petrol Watercooled 1.9 Litre Otto Motor DG (1913cc) 57 Kw 78PS 5 speed manual gearbox 42,805 DM, Petrol Watercooled 2.1 Litre DJ (2109cc) Injection 82 Kw 112PS 5 Speed Gearbox 44,583 DM, Turbo Diesel Watercooled 1.6 Litre JX (1588cc) 51 Kw 70PS 5 Speed Gearbox 45,148 DM, Petrol Watercooled 1.9 Litre Otto Motor DG (1913cc) 57 Kw 78PS 5 speed manual gearbox 45,100 DM, Petrol Watercooled 2.1 Litre DJ (2109cc) Injection 82 Kw 112PS 5 Speed Gearbox 46,640 DM, Turbo Diesel Watercooled 1.6 Litre JX (1588cc) 51 Kw 70PS 5 Speed Gearbox 47,204 DM, 2) Volkswagen Westfalia Joker Colour Options. If you order something over it, you will still pay the normal price. Cost 261.83 DM, Child bed for the cab area. Prices include tax and are in German Deutschmark: Removal of the VW standard model seats in the cab area (required when specifying 2 x Westfalia Comfort seats as an option) Cost 362.52 DM, 2 x Electric adjustable and heated side mirrors. google_ad_height = 280; vous propose tout une gamme d'accessoires pour votre VW T3 ,ou volkswagen T3 westfalia joker vous trouverez a un prix deffiant tout concurence des ammenagement specifique au vw T3 tels que isolation de cabine, isolation de toit relevable,auvent pour T3 Etc For us the car is perfect and I also enjoy improving small things on the van. In addition, there is some storage space for technical equipment and of course space for food, cooking utensils, etc. 06/1984. Would you like to remember this article for reading at Pinterest? vw t3 joker vendu via leboncoin. Fibreglass roof had an opening plastic window (29 cm x 39 cm) with mosquito net and black out curtain. “Oh, what’s that strange sound again?” – You get used to little surprises when it squeaks and rattles. A Order Number 216 015 113 045. 4 place(s) 4 couchage(s) Diesel 1988. *** Sous réserve d'erreur de saisie *** Partenaires. Prices include tax and are in German Deutschmark: Plastic front spoiler. Canvas had a large opening aperture at the front with a zippable mosquito net. € 16,500.- 245,600 km 04/1986 51 kW (69 hp) Used 6 previous owners Manual Diesel Relaxing under the additional awning, which we have attached to the Bulli. The Volkswagen T25 / T3 Westfalia Joker with Grey Furniture / Dark Grey Edging and Grey Upholstery Model History. Le camper VW T3 est proposé selon plusieurs modèles qui peuvent être commandés directement chez Westfalia, du Joker 1 à 6. Information about this model is very scarce. google_ad_slot = "8058866962"; document.write ('&cb=' + m3_r); The maximum speed is 115 km/h, which is rarely reached. The car is older than we are and needs regular inspections and also maintenance. Voiture disponible sans délais. Also the unit has a cutlery draw, a large cupboard for tableware and the fridge.#. Toit élevé approuvé dans le document d’enregistrement. Trouvez Westfalia dans Camping-cars sur 2ememain - Avantageux pour tout le monde. 3) Wardrobe and storage unit over the engine bay. Cost 70.65 DM, Mosquito net for rear tailgate. C $116.72. Order Number 216 005 434 015. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de joker westfalia. It is always said that the way is the goal. 55 Litre Freshwater tank with electric pump and lockable cap. Essence (1.9 DG ) Order Number 216 005 434 035. document.write(year) Double bed in hightop roof 194 cm x 116 cm. Order Number 216 015 280 021. Above all traveling with an old VW bus is a dream for many, promises this nevertheless freedom and deceleration. Nous contacter pour plus de renseignements. If you want more information and impressions, please follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Order Number 216 005 434 010. Dashboard and steering wheel in black. Achetez votre Volkswagen Westfalia d'occasion en toute sécurité avec Reezocar et trouvez le meilleur prix grâce à toutes les annonces Volkswagen Westfalia à vendre en Europe. In June 1988 Volkswagen introduced 6 more colour options in addition to the options above (Same for Club-Joker): A7A7 Light Grey (L345) (Lichtgrau) (with white roof), J2J2 Marine Blue (LA5B) (Marineblau) (with white roof), J5J5 Medium Blue (LH5G) (Mediumblau) (with white roof), J6J6 Capri Blue (Capriblau) (L52H) (with white roof), K6K6 Slate Blue (Schieferblau) (LH5V) (with white roof), X9X9 Flash Silver Metallic at extra cost (LP7Y) (Flashsilber Metallic) at extra cost 1749.90 DM from 06/88 price list (with white roof),