Find out more on our website. For excellent and motivated students. The Master Political Economy focuses on the interaction of the economy and politics. Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. Psychology: Sport and Performance Psychology, Public International Law (International and European Law). The Research Master's in Cultural Analysis is dedicated to the interdisciplinary analysis of culture at large, including art, literature, cinema, and new media. Choose from 7 tracks and specialise in your field of interest. A two-year academic research Master's focused on the role of communication and media in society. With roots in philosophy, history and discourse analysis, the Research Master's Media Studies explores theoretical approaches to the study of media in culture. Sign In. Economics: Monetary Policy and Banking (track). Consecutive Master's Programs with Restricted Admission: Application Period 01.12.2020 - 15.02.2021; Higher Subject-specific Semester: Application Period 04.12.2020 - 15.02.2021; . Sign in with your Pearson … The Master International Development Studies has an interdisciplinary focus on global development at multiple levels in rural and urban contexts. Offered jointly by Birkbeck and UCLs Institute of Education, this Masters degree provides experience of both in-depth theory and hands-on research in the emerging area of educational neuroscience. Information Studies: Data Science (track). The Master Human Geography studies the intertwined spatial developments of urbanisation and globalisation processes. 1. In the Master’s Programme in Integrative Plant Sciences (previously Master's Programme in Plant Biology), you study the diversity of wild and cultivated plants from the Arctic to the Tropics, as well as plant functions from the molecular to the ecosystem level. Physics and Astronomy: Gravitation, Astro-, and Particle Physics (track). To watch Youtube videos you need to enable this category. These cookies are used to enable students and staff to log in to the site, for example. For students interested in applied psychological experiments. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Business Economics: Managerial Economics and Strategy (track). In the Philosophy of the Humanities and the Social Sciences programme, students gain philosophical insights in conjunction with another academic discipline. Specific Requirements for Admission to Freie Universität Berlin This course will provide an in-depth understanding of the disease processes involved in malignancy and the opportunity to explore the scientific rationale for various therapeutic options. Arts of the Netherlands (Arts and Culture). In the one-year Master's in General Linguistics, you will explore how the systems of the languages of the world can vary and to what extent this variation is constrained. Leadership & Management: learn how to bring people to organisational success, Business Administration (MSc): Management of International Business and Trade (track), Business Administration (MSc): Strategy (track). Vous êtes ici : Formation Masters Mention Biologie et Mention Biodiversité, Ecologie, Evolution Lab Science Trading Lab Science Trading Master Lab Science Trading : Sales Marketing … Studying European Union Law at the Amsterdam Law School will earn you an LLM degree from a high-ranking university. Study Behavioural Data Science (UvA Master in Psychology) at the University of Amsterdam. The Research Master's Heritage, Memory and Archaeology explores the ways in which we deal with remnants of the past, and how we construct history in the present. A two-year professional research Master's focused on resolving communication challenges in practice. 83.8. Study Communication Science in Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe). Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image (Media Studies). a) A successfully completed Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS credits) in the field of business administration or marketing. Les Masters of Science (ou MSc) délivrés par TBS combinent les exigences académiques et scientifiques de ce diplôme avec les traditions de l’École qui, depuis 1903, sont axées sur la forte professionnalisation de ses étudiants et leur capacité à être immédiatement opérationnels dans un métier, un domaine ou un secteur d’activité spécifique. Business Administration (taught in Danish - cand.soc.) The Master's in Music Studies offers a rich combination of cognitive, cultural and historical approaches to the study of musics from around the world. You will develop a strong feel for scientific research and high levels of abstraction, and learn to combine the rapid developments in these fields. The Dual Master's Heritage and Memory Studies offers an interdisciplinary programme in which you study heritage from cultural, historic and spatial perspectives. Pedagogical Sciences: Youth at Risk (track). Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. The Master's programme Neurobiology is for those students who are fascinated by the functioning of the human brain. The Master's programme in Forensic Science distinguishes itself from most international Master's programmes in that it builds on a range of general science backgrounds, not on a specific forensic science Bachelor's programme. Study the language, literature and culture of Italy in one of four Master's degree programmes. You will study social transformations in Latin America from geographic, historical, economic, cultural, social, political and ecological perspectives. Science for Energy and Sustainability at the UvA is an interdisciplinary programme, covering topics from both physics and chemistry, and combining ‘hard’ scientific research with the analysis of societal issues, business models and government regulations. Study Political Communication in Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe). In the Master's in Philosophy, you explore Anglo-Saxon and European philosophy, and acquire the skills to formulate, analyse and discuss philosophical problems. Science for Energy and Sustainability (SES) is an two-year interdisciplinary track within the Master's programmes Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy at the UvA. Molecular biology - the study of the basis of life, focuses on the structure and function of DNA, RNA and protein and their interactions with each other. Asset management (or investment management) studies portfolios of assets, typically including stocks, bonds and cash, for individuals or companies. This English-taught track focuses on (cross-)cultural psychology. You consent to this by clicking on Accept. This programme provides comprehensive knowledge and practical training in the spread of microorganisms (predominantly bacterial and viral pathogens), disease causation and diagnosis and treatment... Overview Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Nature conservation officer 7. The Master's Youth at Risk at the University of Amsterdam prepares you to become a scientist-practitioner in the field of parenting, education, and child development. In this 2-year Master's programme you acquire in-depth insight in the functioning of environmental processes affecting our planet. The Research Master Social Sciences offers you advanced training in research in a rigorous and multidisciplinary research environment. Business Administration (MSc): International Business (track). Psychology: Brain & Cognition in Society (track). The Master Economic Geography focuses on global production networks and clusters. European Politics and External Relations (Political Science). You are using a browser that is no longer supported by Microsoft. This course has a burgeoning international reputation, due to our world-class research in areas including biomarkers, public health and biomodelling. MSc in Marine Biology. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. General presentation of the master's degree : The master's degree in Biology is axed around the main domains of biomedical research in Grenoble. Learn from top-level academic research and real-life business interaction. Featured. For best experience please turn on javascript and use a modern browser! Study the language, literature and culture of the Russian and Slavonic-speaking world in one of our four Master's degree programmes. Business Administration (MSc): Digital Marketing (track). The University of Amsterdam offers several pioneering Master’s programmes in Media Studies, exploring film, television, journalism, new media and digital culture. Psychology: Behavioural Data Science (track). Learn how to help organisations benefit from digital technology. Semestre 7-UE Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics of the Cell 49,5h - 6 crédits-UE Cell Chemistry and Biochemistry 6 crédits-UE Driving Experimentation in Biology 18 créditsSemestre 8-UE Mandatory Laboratory internship (part I) 6 crédits-UE Communication Tools 24h - 3 crédits-UE Communication in Scientific English 24h - 3 crédits Want to study Neuroeconomics? Accredited by the Institution of Environmental Science, this course demonstrates high quality and innovative design. In the two-year track Analytical Sciences of the Master’s programme Chemistry from the UvA you will focus purely on aspects of analytical chemistry. In addition, you must meet the general requirements for Master of Science. Master of Science program in Reproductive Biology aims at providing the theoretical background as well as practical skills in reproductive medicine and assisted reproduction technologies. European Competition Law and Regulation (International and European Law). For students studying part-time, face-to-face... Overview The program includes courses on the development of male and female reproductive cells, embryo development, handling of reproductive cells and embryo at laboratory conditions. New Media and Digital Culture (Media Studies). It also uses cookies to display content such as YouTube videos and for marketing purposes. Immunology, microbiology, infectious diseases (IMID) program 2. Choose this track in our Master's in Economics programme. It challenges excellent students to become experts with regard to the literature and linguistics of classical languages or in the cultures and religions of Ancient Greece, Rome or the Near East. The Master Political Science at the University of Amsterdam (Europe) offers tracks in European politics, international relations, political economy, political theory and public policy. Want to work with a bank or a consultancy firm? Choose the Development Economics track in our Master's in Economics programme. Business Administration (MSc): Consumer Marketing (track). Choose from 4 specialisations. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Pharmacologist 8. The Linguistics Master’s Language and Society explores language from a pragmatic perspective, focusing on the analysis of language use, variation and policy. This enables students to develop an integrated view of the functioning of plants. The two-year Research Master's programme Information Law (LLM) deals with the complex legal issues that arise in an information society. Triple Crown accredited. The Master's in Television and Cross-Media Culture provides you with the tools to understand and evaluate the ongoing transformation of media culture. The two-year track Gravitation, Astro-, and Particle Physics (GRAPPA) in the Master’s programme Physics and Astronomy stands at at the intersection of theoretical physics, experimental (astro)particle physics and astrophysics. Physiology, epigenetics, develo… Study the language, literature and culture of the English-speaking world through one of our six Master's degree programmes. This is a track within our Master's in Business Economics. Then this may be your track within the MSc Finance. Find your personal contacts including your tutor and student support team: As of the academic year 2020-2021, the programme in Artistic Research will be integrated in the research Master's programme Art and Performance Research Studies. The Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences is closely affiliated with the University of Amsterdam Academic Medical Center (AMC-UvA) and the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS). A personal statement is a piece of writing that you submit as part of your application. Archival and Information Studies (Media Studies). Learn to bridge the gap between business and IT. Tinbergen Institute MPhil in Economics (Research Master). Want to study Markets & Regulation? A Masters qualification enhances both your personal and professional development.

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